The State of New Jersey Awareness in Dealing with Identity Theft

Many people heard about “identity theft” but for sure, not all of them really understand what it means and how a person becomes a victim of this type of robbery. According from the explanation of the New Jersey State Police, Identify theft happens when somebody utilizes the personal identification information of an individual such as the name, credit card details, Social Security Number without any permission. This is a clear act of crime for committing fraud because of stealing someone’s information.

From the records of the Federal Trade Commission, there are almost 9 millions of Americans who experienced stolen identities every year and they continue to increase in numbers. Unless the victim receives a surprise mail of unknown bills, it is not easy to determine if this person is a victim of such unlawful activity.

The state of New Jersey already has an existing law known as the Identity Theft Prevention Act. They needed to impose this kind of rule because many unknown criminals are using personal information from their targeted victims for unlawful purposes. It is also very unfortunate that despite the awareness of many people living here. The most disappointing issue is that most of the victims are worrying about their unexpected involvements to fraudulent transactions because of using their identities and accessing their credit cards.

When talking about the most sensitive information to protect against someone who steals personal data, this is deals about securing the Social Security Number. This is a very important record for anyone who lives in the United States because it is very useful in different transactions such as for health or medical care, employment, bank accounts and other vital purposes. Because of this, it is the responsibility of the Jersey Legislature to provide the necessary guidelines to make sure their citizens have protected Social Security Number.

From the shared information about the existing bill or law as well, it is very important for a potential “identity theft” victim to coordinate and report the problem with the legitimate law enforcement agency of the government. The victim ought to explain the situation properly as a complainant and the enforcing agency will provide a comprehensive report after the discussion. On the other hand, the agency can only accommodate a victim from their jurisdiction when filing a lawsuit. As for the complainant, it is advisable to safeguard the report copy until they found the theft and released the decision of the court.

Definitely, the State of New Jersey considered identity theft as a serious crime and covered under the statute of Wrongful Impersonation (N.J.S.A. 2C:21-17), as indicated by the police authority of the state.  When talking about the extent of this particular crime, it can range from the Disorderly Person’s offense if the theft was able to have a victim of at least 5 or more people already. This can seriously put the involved person in a long-term sentence and penalties.

Aside from the existing law of the state, it is as well possible to coordinate with the Credit Reporting Bureaus and get the best help. In most cases, these agencies can prevent the thefts from using credit cards by requesting a “Flagged with a fraud alert” that will monitor the involved accounts.

New Jersey has different guidelines and laws that can deal with identity thefts. However, it is still the responsibility of the citizens to become more cautious on their own personal information to avoid any compromised issue.

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