Researchers Proves Sound Waves can Hack Smartphones, Other Devices

Based on the recent studies when using a Fitbit monitoring device, it may be possible to include additional methods to allow somebody counter the device. Unfortunately, this kind of added security loophole might put the user in danger because there are possible harms with the advancing technology we have today.

From the shared information through the, the idea to consider using a security loophole appears to be safer when allowing somebody to counter the monitoring of a Fitbit device. On the other hand, there are potential dangers in doing this kind of method as explained by some researchers who studied about our continuous developing technology.

According from the report of a team composed of researchers who are expert in computer security, they discovered the possible harm of allowing other people to control or influence such devices using small accelerometers from fitness monitors, smart phones and vehicles. They attempted to include bogus methods to a fitness monitoring device created by Fitbit and begin playing a file that contain “malicious” music through the speaker of a smart phone to control the accelerometer of the phone.

With this kind of method, they successfully hindered the software depending on the phone such as radio-controlled application, which control a toy car.

“It’s like the opera singer who hits the note to break a wine glass, only in our case, we can spell out words” and enter commands rather than just shut down the phone, said Kevin Fu, an author of the paper, who is also an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Michigan and the chief executive of Virta Labs, a company that focuses on cybersecurity in health care. “You can think of it as a musical virus,” as quoted by the based on the research information of the researchers.

In line with this, the researching team also believed that the continuing popularity of companies that produce self-driving vehicles might reveal unknown vulnerabilities in case an attacker decided to sabotage the systems they use to control the vehicles remotely. This is the exact reason why consumers ought to be willing to learn more about the kind of technology we have these days.

On the other hand, the group of expert researchers from the University of South Carolina and University of Michigan stated that this kind of concern in computer security is not a huge matter to consider. It only proves that the challenges in cyber-security have a slight window to the unexpected hindrances when somebody interfered to the existing system of a device.

The shared information likewise explained about the functions of accelerometers wherein they consider them as important components to determine the acceleration of a particular gadget, vehicle or computer. They also consider them as Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) that can determine the distance measurement of a person who uses a Fitbit fitness monitoring device when running.

In line with this issue, there had been other research studies that proved this kind of vulnerability before. The Stanford University in 2014 demonstrated that it is possible to use an accelerometer as a rudimentary microphone.

They will hand the research document at the IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy on April in Paris, France.

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