RT News Accused of Manipulating Algorithm Results from Google

From the statement of a United State senator, it appears that he is pinpointing Russia as responsible in manipulating the algorithm results coming from search engine giant Google. He added that the content is to advertise the stories of which RT News and other Russia-based news published online.

In line with this issue, the editor-in-chief of RT mentioned that the senator must learn on how search engines function online before making accusations about manipulations.

Top Democrat on Senate Intelligence and Virginia Senator Mark Warner believed that Russia has something to do with the tempering of the algorithm results from Google in order to advertise the stories, which they published through RT News and other Russia-based news websites, according from the report through rt.com.

Warner revealed his statement through “Face the Nation” when interviewed by CBS on Sunday.

As quoted by the report he said, “We saw manipulation of certain algorithms, so that if you Googled certain items, you got Russia news, [RT] News, other false news. We saw the selective hacking into DNC and individuals that then tried to leak that information to benefit Mr. Trump.” 

Unfortunately, RT News editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan did not hide his frustration against the good senator. She immediately responded the accusations of Warner to clear their company about the issue.

“Somebody please tell the US Senator how internet search engines work. Or I’ll haunt his dreams in the guise of a bear – this could give him a heart attack!” said Simonyan on Tuesday.

However, this particular issue is not the first time because there are reports wherein they accused the media from Russia of illegal Internet manipulations, the news added. From the revealed information about the accusation, they are spreading misleading information and hacking data as part of their propaganda online.

One of the most intriguing news is that they accused Russia in intruding the US presidential race in America to make sure she will not win the election by publishing false information, which particularly involved the RT News. However, it appears that the allegations are baseless and proved that Donald Trump is the real winner.

Just recently, the group of Emmanuel Macron is accusing the Russian Sputnik news and RT news agencies because of spreading “fake information about the presidential election in France. Unfortunately, the group did not able to support their accusations in terms of proving the involvement of the reports coming from RT.

Nonetheless, it is however important to investigate the accusations to make sure that no news manipulations will transpire. This is regardless if the accusation of the involved US senator is provable or not.

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