Learn the Different Scams or Frauds in California and How to Report

Whether we like it or not, identity theft is now becoming one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. In United States alone, it actually tops the list as the first consumer complaint because almost 20 people a day are becoming victims.

What actually is identity theft and how could it affects the life of a victim? Well, identity theft is a clear form of fraud that happens when a person steals personal information from the victim for the purpose of financial gain. For instance, the thief can steal information about credit card payments and obtain money through unlawful activities. In the simplest form of explanation, a fraudster can use the victim’s full name to divert messages, get personal data and financial information illegally.

In California, there are different ways on how to report a fraud or scam. It is possible to report the problem to the Better Business Bureau, Office of the Attorney General, Federal regulators or in the local municipality. When reporting a problem, it is very important for the victim to explain the actual situation properly and give all the available details to the in-charge person. Keep in mind that there are several methods on how to report fraud in California and one needs to review them with the help of the Internet.

Here are some usual reported fraud or scam issues:

  • Credit Card Scam – this usually accounts over 15% of real identity theft and can immediately happen in different strategies. To illustrate, if a person hands a credit card to a waiter, swiping it at a gasoline station, or use the card for purchasing items online. All of these factors can easily make the owner prone to credit card scam or fraud.

According to the report of ABC News in 2014, the authorities arrested two Mexicans at the Texas border because they use stolen personal information from a Target credit and debit card security breach. They use the information to buy thousands of dollars and believed affected more than 40 million credit and debit card accounts.


  • Bank Account Scam – based on the shared information about this fraud in the US, it is not as higher as the credit card scam as it only accounts about 6% crimes. In most cases, the complainants report about forgery, bad check payments, and illegal transfer of money though electronic transactions.


  • Phone and Utilities Scam – this kind of fraud transaction involves the victim’s personal information such as the name and credit to have an account with the involved utility company or telephone firm. If this happens, the scammer or fraudster can easily steal more important data about the victim and use them for different illegal transactions.


  • Foreclosure Scam – we have to admit that there are many desperate households that face serious foreclosures in the US, and many are starting to believe in a foreclosure scam because they this it can help them and stall the payments. Despite the effort of the government to prevent such fraudulent transactions, many Americans are becoming victims because they need immediate fund to help them.


It is important to learn that for people who live in California, there are more possible scam issues to learn. The good thing is that this particular state has also existing rules and laws on how to deal with these issues accordingly.

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